June 16, 2014 by Hilda H
“Eco Deco is a fully equipped Medical Hospital for all the four legged members of the family. Dr. Valeriy also attends to the fuzzies, creepy crawlers, the feathered ones and many other exotics.

The Hospital is fully equipped with digital and dental X-rays, Laser surgery which minimizes trauma and bleeding to the area. They provide the best in Veterinary medicine and pain management. Dr. Val is not limited by any emergency as they are all welcomed and taken care of during hours of operation. The office has top veterinary products , prescription diets and preventative products for your pet. Also providing cold therapeutic laser therapy for everyone. Laser therapy is proven to help and heal tissue and improve arthritis and even post surgical pain, muscular pain and most ailments.

When you come through the doors, you don’t know whether you’ll find Dr. Val working on the typical canine/ feline patient or a bird, pig, lemur or even turtles and snakes. The bunnies, ferrets and rodents also have a space at the hospital for treatment if needed.

I know and fully understand how some clients shy away from the veterinary office as the trust has thin out through the years as some offices prices sky rocket out of proportion and some clients are unable to provide full medical prevention or care at those outrageous prices.

Eco Deco helps the client doing the most necessary things for the pet at a reasonable price and they are always willing to work with the client in order to give the best veterinary care for the patient without having the owner feeling assaulted.

They provide Preventative Wellness plans for dogs and cats which enable all pets no matter in the life stage that they may find themselves to receive proper coverage for all necessary procedures like: dentistry, spay, neuters and vaccines, having all office visits at no charge for the client.

Dr. Val cares for the patient and has the clients economy in mind. His expertise guides the clients in the proper direction with necessary diagnostics and proper care for the poets condition without having to empty the wallet of every single client. At Eco Deco the purpose is to maintain a healthy client doctor relationship and making sure that patients live healthier longer lives with the trust that has been lost in the Veterinary field.”

June 5, 2014 by Lori B.
“Positive experience from start to finish. The entire staff was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. We just returned from our first appointment with Dr Val . He took such time with our girl, Phoebe , and diagnosed a chronic condition missed by another vet. We just knew something wasn’t right, and Dr Val and his team found it and have put together a comprehensive plan to get her well. I am transferring both our dogs and our cat here . So glad we found Eco Deco Pet Hospital!”

April 16, 2014 by Maria K.
“Came here for Sammy’s first visit (picture) and the staff was very loving, helpful and kind. The staff working here are highly educated and professional. The Veterinarian didn’t keep us waiting long, he was warm and cautious. The first visit is free and the prices can be a little high compared to other locations outside the beach, but we all know rent on the beach is ridiculous! They have packages for kittens and puppies, to help lower the cost. So far they have been great! Ill keep you posted….”

April 9, 2014 by Samantha G.
“I just wanted to say a quick note…Dr. Val and his amazing staff saved my senior dog when his arthritis was so bad, he began to decline (stop eating, drinking, moving)…they hospitalized him for two days and brought him back to life….I continue to use Eco Deco for both my dogs and receive knowledgeable and caring service at each visit.”

December 27, 2013 by Ericka F.
“Brought our sick kitty here while traveling (based on the glowing Yelp reviews) and received exceptional care. Dr. Val and the entire staff were very helpful in explaining everything to us and helping get our pet well. I appreciate that they are open 7 days a week and don’t charge for the first consult. Reasonably priced. Glad we came here.”

December 29, 2013 by Sara F.
“I don’t write reviews often, but because of how much I researched yelp to find a good vet, I feel like I need to leave one for this place. Especially for the next person like me – desperate to find a good vet.

From the moment I called, I got a good feeling about this place. My cats were throwing up all night and I had spoken to ASPCA Poison control who had told me if they were still doing it in the morning to take them to a vet ASAP. Well it happened to be Sunday and I was having a hard time finding one that was open. I was told I could go into the Banfield one in Petco Midtown before noon, but once we got there they said they couldn’t take them and to come back at 2. We called another place and were told the soonest they could get them in was 2 as well. We finally decided to look over in Miami Beach in an attempt to get them in somewhere ASAP and thats how we found Eco Deco Pet Hospital.

The entire staff was so nice starting at check in, and throughout the whole process of weighing them, taking their picture and temperature. The place was nice and clean too, with comfy black couches to sit on while you wait.

Dr. Val was great, very knowledgeable and friendly. He took us back to let us look at the xrays and explained everything to us in detail. We left there feeling completely different than when we walked in- feeling at ease and at peace, trusting the diagnosis he had given us.

Originally we had planned on going to Eco Deco Pet Hospital only that day as an “emergency” type situation, but we will be making the drive across to Miami Beach to see him as our regular vet in the future. Thanks to Dr. Val and his team for taking care of our kitties!!!”

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October 17, 2013 by Carly S.
“I took my 12 week old pup there for the first time yesterday for a check up and some vaccinations! the place is clean and very welcoming! the staff is great! i must say out of all the vets in the past years as a pet owner i am most impressed with this one! They treated my pup very well and were very helpful with any questions or concerns i had! Dr Gomez was great with him. he loved her. gave her kisses as soon as soon as she came into the room! that let me know that he was comfortable with her which made me feel more comfortable. they even called me the next day to check up on my dog! all in all.. great place and i will continue to take my pup there for his vet needs!”

October 1, 2013 by Jenny W.
“Dr. Val & Team are excellent! Best Vet in Miami-Dade County by far! And I’ve been to more than enough Vets to confidently say that!! Dr. Val not only genuinely cares for the health of your pet, but he also trains the owners how to be the best pet-parent. Bronson, Veronica and plenty more of the staff-members make you feel like a part of the Eco Deco family, no matter how little or big the issue is. Wonderful Vet. Also, it’s comforting to know this is also a Hospital & Dr. Val can x-ray your pet onsite, surgery and much much more. Prices are not outrageous either.”

May 9, 2013 by Ramon A.
“Eco Deco Pet Hospital is one of the elite Veterinary facilities in South Florida. The hospital maintains sophisticated diagnostic technology and equipment.

The environment is clean and well stocked with medication and other necessary supplies.

The staff is highly trained, attentive and courteous.

Most important of all, Dr Andreyev is one of the most well known Veterinarians in Miami and Ft Lauderdale. He has deep knowledge of the subject matter and offers a very compassionate approach to caring for his patients.

Finally, the hospital offers a subscription based wellness plan for preventative care. The plan is designed to offer owners a comprehensive package of services targeted at maintaining the pet’s physical general health, oral health and vaccinations.

Overall, Eco Deco is an excellent choice for both permanent residents and visitors to South Florida.”

April 6, 2013 by Matthew Y.
“Had a good experience here. Dr Val is nice and efficient and Veronica is sweet and very helpful. As a New Yorker I have high standards of my dogs Heath care and I knew my dog was in good hands.”

April 5, 2013 by Colleen G.
“I would like to scream from the top of the tallest building in all of Miami that ECO DECO PET HOSPITAL IS THE BEST PET HOSPITAL/CLINIC THAT I HAVE EVER BEEN TO!!! I am a New Yorker from Manhattan and have had pets for the last 20 years. I’ve been to many, many vet clinics & hospitals. Supposedly, the best in the world. I can honestly say, I have never been to a cleaner, nicer, more professional, latest technology and intimate pet hospital in my life. Dr Val is fantastic. He calls & emails to check in that everything is ok after your visit. Bronson, his assistant is absolutely wonderful and also is very attentive. Veronica who handles the appointments and many other tasks is a delight. Coming from NYC, I forgot about the flea problem in Miami, they cleared that problem immediately. My Pom-Chi had extensive dental work and unfortunately my 13 yr old Pom broke her hip. It was risky performing hip surgery on such an old girl with a heart murmur but every precaution was taken and her surgery was a great success. If you need a vet, this is your place!”